Weekend Yay! Pop the party poppers and let the confetti rain fall!

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We love a good vintage print and the vibrancy and movement of confetti prints or confetti-inspired prints always gets our happy-feet going. 

The raw movements of those falling, flowing bits of happy colours make us want to get out our tap shoes and dance! 

Highlighting a few fun and flirty confetti-print gems here this weekend! Rejoice! 

*Click on the photos to buy! 

This vintage 1980s-does-1950s dress is a rare beauty. Floral prints mixed with confetti in lovely primary colours on a fresh white. And that scalloped back transports us back to a summer time in the 1950s. 

And who doesn't love a good vintage kimono? We love that this yukata (or shorter kimono jacket for younger folks in summer) that is filled with an abstract print that reminds us of fireworks streaming down the mountainside on a hot summer festival night in Japan! We were fortunate to have experienced that in our teenage years in a exchange programme in Kumamoto and it was a glorious experience! Such memories... the sparks felt like they were so close you could almost reach out and grab a sparkle. 

And just for normal everyday-wear at the office, we love this navy-skirt dress with the top half in a fun, pastel shape print. It has such a good mix of colours and the darker bottom half commands the respect it deserves. To fun(k) it up for the weekend, we would pair it with white hi-top sneakers and a cool belt, maybe a long, oversized denim jacket and a turban ;) 

We have loads more in our shop, so if you're feeling some fun shade and shapes, have a gander at searching "Confetti" and see what comes up for you! 

Have a frolicking good time this weekend! 

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