Vintage Views

As most of you know, we are perpetual hunters - vintage hunters, that is. 
And when we travel, within Singapore or across the seas, that's when we have the most fun sussing out some of the best inspirations and places for our store.
Even if it's just popping in and out of old-timey cafes or peering through the slightly dusty windows of the corner shop in quaint little towns and watching elderly folks (gems, really!) doing their daily shopping in the spiffiest vintage clothing we've ever seen. 
We are not one for many words, but if you will, we'd love to share with you some of our nostalgia and vintage moments through our lens. 
Walking past a childhood memory with a hopeful heart,
we spotted this red mailbox below our favourite number.
What luck. 
Floor tiles are our achilles heel.
If you ever see someone looking down and taking endless photos of tiles,
that'll be us. 
*All photos are taken by us and we reserve the copyright on them.
If you'd like to use them for non-commercial purposes, please email us.