Sun-mer not sun-meh: Hot vintage stuff for a cool summer

If you’re in a temperate climate, summer might be coming your way. If you’re in Singapore and the likes, it’s constantly summer! Or if you’re in Australia or New Zealand, perhaps the winter cold is already seeping through the walls, but there’s no reason why you can’t be dreaming of and preparing for the upcoming spring and summer seasons! 

Vintage resort style dress

A happy and joyful season when flowers wear their best and brightest, summer is a welcomed treat, if not for the sometimes-scorching heat it also brings with her. 

Vintage 1960s disco polka dot sleeveless tank TOP

Well, we think there are ways to keep cool! And what better way than through cool vintage tops, skirts or dresses. We have quite a list of them in the shop and each brings with her all the goodness of her era. The veiled coyness of the 50s, the bohemian vibe of the 60s, the sexiness of the 70s, the renegade loose fits from the 80s and the semi-goth punk styles of the 90s. 

Vintage Woodstock corduroy flower power vest

Oh, we also heard if you place ice cubes at the pulse points near your ears or wrists, you can stay just that little bit cooler! 🤣. Don’t forget however to place the ice cubes in a towel or maybe a cute vintage hankie before doing that. You don’t want to get frostbite in summer! 

Go forth and have a fabulous Sun-mer, folks! 


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